SPCHER is a Technologic Company that produces solutions for marketing and sales through the CHATBOT. Most of companies fas digital presence in the web or Social Medias and few got some leads and 5% how know to do or have structure to become leads in sales. In this cases SPCHER develops solutions that fit with your budget andare extremely efficient to drive your potenyial clients to the sales funnel.

We’re Innovators & Conversational Marketing Experts.  Conversation Marketing is a one-to-one approach to marketing that companies use to shorten their sales cycle, learn about their customers, and create a more human buying experience. Your customers use messaging applications more often than you think. See for your self:

  • Facebook Messenger – 1.3 Billion active users every month
  • WhatsApp – 1.6 Billion active users use the platform on daily basis
  • Website – 83% of people says they’re more likely use messages to interact to businesses

How It Works It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout but also


Future has arrived and your company needs to be in it.

Having digital presence is no longer an option but a matter of survival. When 93% of people go to the Internet before buying anything, whether it is virtual or face-to-face, being on the web or on social networks is the future or better the present. Many offer solutions to attract leads, most fail to deliver results, but even attracting leads, few explain how best to deal with these potential customers. We at SPECHR offer the best solution to attract and truly convert into sales the leads acquired through the internet.

When we manage to attract to our site or Facebook potential customers the hardest part is to keep them there and get them into the sales funnel. CHATBOT is the most modern and effective way to communicate and attract your customers to the real goal that is converts them into sales. Because it is an artificial intelligence CHATBOT can learn every day, it maintains efficiency without the human variables like humor, fatigue and so on. It can meet thousands of people simultaneously and the cost is very low compared to human care. It takes all your information, uses videos, audios, images, can receive payments, do research ie the sky is the limit.

Come to know our solutions in marketing and sales, know that the Spechr Bot can be used by companies of all sizes and prices fit your budget,

Do you want to increase your business with CHATBOT?


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